(bukan) rahasia raharasi

My Bucket List of Dream

I opened my little book and found my Bucket List that time. Some of them were accomplished and the others were forgotten. Now, it looks very lame to me now. But now I find a need to list down my dreams. I don’t know this list has no limits of time, money, and accessibility or not, nothing at all.

So here’s my Bucket List of Dreams apart from the one I had listed before.

  1. being student in one of the top universities in Indonesia
  2. being teacher
  3. get married (with foreigner (cross culture marriage) —> it is negotiable)
  4. being mom
  5. advance in English
  6. overseas in the snowing countries (Europe)
  7. have a boots and use it in the right places
  8. have a nice coat and use it in the right places
  9. travel by most amazing trains in different parts of world
  10. diving and have diving license
  11. win in the rafting challenge
  12. up in the air (paragliding or riding the air ballon)

My bucket list is so selfish, isn’t it?

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